5 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Home in Malaysia

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Home in Malaysia

Crafting your residence with sophistication and practicality not only improves its visual appeal but also cultivates a warm atmosphere for you and your family. The significant influence of interior design in defining your home’s environment is often overlooked, yet it is essential. A well-decorated space reflects your personal taste and leaves a memorable impression on visitors. Consequently, it is important to enlist the services of a reputable painting company in Malaysia to guarantee your home shines in the finest possible way.

However, if you’re a beginner, you’re likely to make some mistakes that could jeopardize the state of your home. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the top five mistakes to avoid, so you’re aware of them. Check out the info below to learn more!

Leaving Up The Painter’s Tape For Too Long 

Painter’s tape is essential for sharp edges and clean lines. Taping guarantees professional-looking results, but if left on for a long time, it can lead to your paint peeling when removed.

After you’ve completed painting, ensure that you remove the tape about an hour later. However, if you happen to leave it for too long and the paint has begun to peel away, don’t lose hope. As you peel back the tape, you can use a razor blade to score along the edges lightly.

Utilizing The Wrong Paint Brush 

Be sure to check if you’re utilizing the right kind of brush if you’re having some difficulties with a paint job. When using a natural-bristle brush to adhere to water-based latex paint, the brush’s bristles will become stiff from consuming the paint’s moisture, making the color extremely difficult to spread.

While a good paintbrush will bring you a long way, it’ll help you obtain a seamless, professional finish, and you can achieve this by choosing the right applicator. Oil-based paints are indeed best applied with natural-bristle brushes.

Not Realizing How Vital Primers Are 

When switching from a dark to a lighter color scheme, primer is essential for stopping the old color from leaking through. Bleeding through can happen, especially when you’re painting wood.

Wood contains natural tannins, which can move up to the surface when it becomes wet. Thus, causing discoloration and staining. However, you can fix this issue by sealing up the wood with a tannin-blocking primer before you proceed to paint it. If there is still bleed-through happening, consider utilizing two primer coating before applying the new color.

Take Precaution When Painting Over Wallpapers 

It’s no more difficult to paint over wallpaper than it is to paint any other wall, but there is one thing you need to take note of. The wallpaper’s glue may be reactivated by the primer and water-based paint you’re using, causing the surface to peel off or bubble up. To avoid such things from happening, use an oil-based primer instead when dealing with wallpapers.

Temperature Can Damage The Paint

Paint doesn’t really do good in extreme temperatures, so always keep the weather in mind when you plan to start a painting project. Paints that are water-based can take longer to dry if the humidity is high since the temperature can slow the paint’s particles. On the other hand, cold temperatures can cause your paint to crack and peel, while hot temperatures can cause paint bubbles or make the paint dry quicker, leaving you with an uneven finish.

When you happen to notice that your paint isn’t applying properly, double-check with the manufacturer to see what weather condition it applies to. When the temperature doesn’t match, it’s good to consider moving the painting project.


Mistakes are common, especially for those who don’t have any experience with the task. However, being aware of those mistakes can help you avoid them. If you want to get the best results, then it’s good to consider hiring a professional painting service provider for the best results!


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