Painting Brushing vs Spraying Malaysia Homes

Painting Brushing vs Spraying Malaysia Homes

Deciding whether to use a brush or spray paint for houses in Malaysia is a crucial step in the house painting process. Each method, whether it’s manual painting or using an automated sprayer, offers its own advantages and disadvantages. So, which is the better option? Let’s dive in and find out!

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Paint Brushing

The old and classic paint brushing is one of the most traditional methods in the book. It’s a time-tested and proven way to paint your home, with great results each and every time if done properly! However, it does take some skill and patience to get right.

There are three main types of brushes: edging (for painting along window/door frames), cutting in (painting around trims, etc.), and wall brushing (using long strokes).

The two latter require you to be quite good with a brush before attempting them on your own; or at least have someone there for guidance!

You’ll also need proper paints like enamel, latex, acrylics which all work well when applied correctly with a paintbrush. This is especially true for oil-based paints that can give fantastic results but require a bit more skill to use.

Brush painting your home may take you longer than using a sprayer, but the results are usually worth it!

Paint Spraying

Spray painting is super efficient and easy to do – all you need is air pressure from an electric compressor.

There are two main types of sprayers: compressed air-powered or turbine-powered (both usually work fine). You can choose between a primer/sealer or a paint sprayer for the job.

The former allows you to prime first before using it as your final coat; while the latter simply sprays on whatever color you want directly over existing walls etc., so no priming is needed beforehand.

This makes it much faster than brushing since there’s less prep work involved! While speedier, some people find this method unappealing due to its tendency to produce overspray.

The Pros and Cons of Paint Brushing & Spraying

Although both spray and brush painting seems to be two great options, there are pros and cons that you should keep in mind before making a decision:

Brush Painting


  • Affordable and won’t require additional tools
  • Can be done by anyone with at least a bit of skill
  • Gives great results when done correctly


  • Can be time-consuming and take longer than spraying. Not recommended for large surfaces.
  • Needs good paintbrushes that can become expensive in the long run if bought frequently (or buy them before you start).
  • Can result in cracking or peeling.

Spray Painting


  • Can be done by anyone and at any time
  • Easiest to do, especially if you have a large area to cover.
  • Gives good results with little effort required.
  • Can produce stunning finishes even for beginners!


  • Requires additional tools like sprayers or turbines that can cost thousands of ringgit depending on their quality
  • Risk of overspray and messy finishes if done incorrectly
  • Need some prep (priming) beforehand, as well as careful masking.

Which One Should You Choose?

The decision of whether to go for paint brushing or spray painting ultimately boils down to your needs and expertise.

If you have the budget, tools, time, patience for brush painting in addition to having a steady hand when it comes to cutting in, etc., go ahead with brush painting! Otherwise, stick with spraying since it’s much more efficient and easier if done properly.


The blog post highlighted the pros and cons of painting your home with a brush or sprayer. Painting with a brush can be more time-consuming, but it also provides better coverage than spray painting.

Spraying is often faster to do, but might not provide a high-quality finish if not done correctly. Our team would love to help answer any questions you have about which type of paint job will work best for your needs!

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